Every woman in Phnom Pehn who is ready for a great night out is more than welcome at the Ladies Night at Sharky’s. Did you have a rough day at the office? And do want to gather the girls and do something? Stop by on thursday at Sharky’s for special Ladies Night Cocktails and Drinks.  We would love you to join us in our weekly Wheel of Fortune Game Show where you can win cash prizes and maybe take some money home!!

A Ladies Night Out in Phnom Pehn is exciting and there are a lot of venues to choose from. But when you are looking for a big place in the city with an American vibe, you have to come to Sharky this Thursday. Our Ladies Night events are special and we attract a lot of locals, expats and one-time visitors who are stopping by Phnom Pehn during their holidays. We have a large variety of quality dishes to serve you, so you can have a one-stop-shopping Ladies Night experience at the longest running R&R bar in Indochina!

So call your girlfriends and meet up at Sharky’s for a nice meal, some cocktails and a fun evening of music and games. We will make sure that you will never forget us!

CU at Sharky’s!