The Week at Sharky:

Friday 24th June – LIVE GIG

JADermeister is a new Phnom Penh based multinational band that will play their debut gig at Sharky Bar on June 24th. The seasoned and well-known band members are Jeff Sleeman on guitar and vocals, Antti Siitonen on drums and vocals and Danny Lumen on bass guitar and vocals. The set list includes classic rock tunes only. Check these guys out, they kick ass!

Concert starts 9pm. Happy Hour 5 to 8, Beers 1$ House spirit&Mixer 2$. Free entry.


Saturday 25th June – Ten Tipz

The TenTipz are Ten on bass and Tip on drums, the tightest rhythm section in town. Both are Khmer while Zargz is their Swedish-Chilean guitarist & lead-singer (in English and Spanish). TenTipz have been playing together for over two and a half years doing Pop, Rock, Funk, Latin, Jazz, a bit of this, a bit of that, and everything in between. Laid back good vibes!

Show starts at 9.00pm. Happy Hour, 5-8pm, $1 draft beer, $2 house spirit & mixer.

Sunday, 26th June, 2016

Phnom Penh’s # 1 Open Mic Night takes place at Sharky’s and is managed by the famously talented band leader, Pavel Ramirez. “Special Guest Musicians” are up to CO-HOST our Sunday Open Mic’s to give support, but you are welcome to participate! We have instruments and microphones plugged in for your spontaneous performance. Begins at 9pm till late.

All playing musicians get free drink/beer coupons.

Show starts at 9.00pm till late. Happy Hour, 5-8pm, Beer 1$ House spirit&Mixer 2$.

Wednesday 29th June – Pool Competition

Ladies&Gents 8 Ball Pool Competition

Starts at 8:30pm
Register by 8:00pm
16 players, $2 entry fee.
1st prize: $20.00
2nd prize: $10.00
3rd prize: Bottle of red or white wine.
Concentrate and come down!

Thursday 30th June, 2016

Ladies’ night. All women get a free ticket upon entrance. The alternating fun & lame wheel of fortune show will see up to 4×5$ wins and possibly one lucky taker of the 60$ Jackpot!




Friday 20th, Saturday 21st, & Sunday 22nd May 2016

For those of you that dont know, Big Mike Hsu, owner of Sharky Bar for the past 20 years sadly passed away on Sunday 8th May 2016. In his honour we have renamed Mike’s ‘3 day ‘Penhstock’ festival to ‘MIKESTOCK’ and we have 30+ bands playing for 3 days this weekend. We’ll also have BBQ and drink specials. More info to follow.

Here are some links about MIKESTOCK & Big Mike himself.—-big-mike—/

Thanks to everyone who is helping this festival and we hope to see you all there :)

RIP BIG MIKE 1948 – 2016

Check out these cool videos of bands that have played:

Have a great day and see you again at Sharky’s!