TMSF & Bareback Titty Squad

Thursday 3rd December

TMSF is a music side project of both Rolland Merguez (RMGZ) and the Submarine Brass Band, two French Brass Bands from Paris. A brass explosion of Love, a funky entertainment, an amazing Journey from hell’s parties to heaven’s music.

With their explosive brass section, a sensual diva, and an energetic drummer and guitar player, they guarantee that your nights will never be the same. For your utmost pleasure, they’ll be happy to perform brassy covers and funky dances. Acoustic or amplified, you name it! As they can do both, and that, is only one of the many things that makes them so incredible.

You might have heard this sound before. Why, you ask? Simply because most of the members are from other bands. Those bands are Rolland Merguez and The Submarine Brass Band, whom have already traveled through the wonders of South-East Asia. Performing in the same magical energetic style.

Bareback Titty Squad do live mash ups, taking on popular music across all genres, adapting it to their sound and blending it all together in the pursuit of a driven, fluid and energetic “mix”.

Sharky Bar 20th Anniversary!

Friday 18th, Saturday 19th, & Sunday 20th December

It’s been 20 years and Sharkys is celebrating with 3 days of music and partying!

Happy Hour @ Sharky Bar

EVERYDAY 5pm – 8pm

Every day @ Sharky Bar from 5pm until 8pm is our Happy Hour!
$1 Anchor or Angkor draft beer and $2 Cranbulkas!!

Kingdom Chocolate Beer Available @ Sharky Bar

Whilst Stocks Last!

An 8% Chocolate Ale

Check out these cool videos of bands that have played:

Have a great day and see you again at Sharky’s!